About concrete guttering

Concrete gutters – also known as Finlock gutters – were installed on many properties built during the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. At the time, this design was meant to be cheap to build whilst being maintenance-free, with a dual purpose of closing the cavity at the top of the brickwork and providing a gutter system. These days there a few things you should know about concrete guttering.

Over time, most home owners have upgraded their properties with central heating, double glazing and loft and cavity wall insulation, changes which mean the Finlock gutter now causes problems with:

  • Condensation in the loft
  • Water leaking into the house
  • Damp that spoils interior décor and
  • Damage to the external brickwork
  • Unsightly sagging of the concrete guttering making window frames bow

What are the problems with concrete gutters?

In some properties the units are formed into a lintel over the window openings by filling the lintel trough with concrete, an approach which did not need fascias or soffits. This made them cheaper but, as with many things done “on the cheap”, means that they eventually fail and when they do fail, they fail completely, ultimately costing more to maintain than they did to install in the first place.

Once the seals go in the gutter sections, they leak quite badly and water can leak into the house as well as into the cavity. This can cause damp patches and mould on the internal décor in the bedrooms as well as causing staining or watermarks on the external brickwork. This in turn can cause brick/mortar joints to be eroded.

The gutter sections can sag over windows and tilt at different angles. This not only looks unsightly but also bears the weight of the roof down onto the window frames making them bow and can mean that it becomes difficult to close windows. In addition, it can cause the seals on the windows to fail causing condensation in the glass.

How will The Quality Fascia Company address these problems?

There are a number of approaches that we can take, depending on your property and we will always make an individual recommendation according to what we find when surveying your property.

There are two main methods that we use when replacing your concrete gutters.

The first involves removing the concrete level with the brick line using a diamond blade petrol saw, fixing an 18mm insulated fascia plate and fixing a new 18mm fascia board to that plate, which allows us to align the gutter under the bottom row of roof tiles to catch the rainwater from the roof.

The second method involves cutting the concrete level with the brick line as described above then extending the existing rafters and fixing sprockets, soffits, fascia and gutter to them.

Whichever method we recommend, the most important thing is to fit a ventilation system underneath the bottom row of tiles on all sides of the property which prevents condensation from building up in the loft area.

We take care to ensure that your home will remain in keeping with neighbouring properties and, in the case of a mid-terrace house, we might take an alternative approach to achieve this, running the gutter through on approximately the same line as the neighbours’ existing gutters to allow the water to flow away.

So, whatever circumstances we find, we have a solution to your concrete gutter problems. Contact us today on 0115 928 5784 to see how we can help you.

Five reasons to choose The Quality Fascia Company to replace your concrete guttering

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