Are your concrete gutters causing you problems?

Are your concrete gutters causing you problems?

Concrete gutters (also known as Finlock gutters) were installed on many properties between the 1950’s and 1970’s. These concrete gutters could now be the cause of problems with your property as your home will have been modernised in other ways such as central heating and double glazing.

One of the biggest problems I hear from our customers is damp and mould appearing on the walls in the upstairs bedrooms of their home.

This could be caused by having had new double glazed windows fitted. If you have replaced your windows with UPVC, the concrete gutters above the new windows often sag allowing water to lie in the level gutter. This water can then freeze, expand and cause the joints in the concrete gutter to open. This in turn allows water and damp to get into the plaster on the internal walls which can lead to damp and mould appearing on the walls.


Are any of these photos familiar?

Another problem with your concrete gutters could be that they are providing a home to grass and moss meaning that the gutters will therefore not function as they should and in turn lead to issues such as damp as described above.

Perhaps you can’t see the grass or moss from the ground level but any of these could be in your concrete gutters causing your internal problems.


Moss and grass in gutter


What can I replace my concrete gutters with?

We replace concrete gutters with new uPVC gutters. We only work with and fit a product known as Freefoam, the leading manufacturer of innovative uPVC roofline products. As a customer, you can feel satisfied knowing that the product comes with a 50 year guarantee. In addition, Freefoam products meet all environmental standards.


What can I expect if I replace my concrete gutters?

Choosing to have Quality Fascias replace your concrete gutters will see you resolve your damp problems. Not only that, they will provide your property with a much smarter appearance and best of all a low maintenance solution.