Replacing concrete guttering in Derby

We’re starting off the New Year replacing Finlock concrete guttering on two terraced properties in Derby that have been suffering from damp problems.

Why does the concrete guttering need replacing?

The properties were built in an era when concrete guttering was regarded as a low-cost, low maintenance choice and it suited those properties at the time. But, as with most such properties these days, home improvements such as installing central heating, improving insulation and replacing windows with double glazing have meant that the concrete gutters are no longer serving their original purpose.

In fact, they are more of a liability causing leaking, condensation and damp, as well as spoiling the external appearance of the houses.

What are we using as a replacement for the concrete guttering?

The new gutters that we will be using are made from Freefoam uPVC, a product that our customers can have faith in, coming as it does with a 50 year guarantee. Highly durable and 100% lead free, the products meet exacting environmental standards and manufactured to the exacting ISO 14001: 2008 standards in the UK.

Benefits of replacing concrete guttering

Our customers will see their damp problems resolved and Freefoam’s 50 year guarantee will give them confidence that the problems will not recur.

The properties will also look much smarter. The advantage of tackling concrete guttering problems within a terrace at the same time is that we can be sure to give the properties a smart appearance that maintains the visual integrity of the terrace.

And, of course, the new guttering will be low maintenance providing excellent value for money in the long term.